Luciano Del Signore's Bacco Ristorante

Farmington Hills, MI

Bacco, considered the finest Italian restaurant in the midwest, considers the La Ratte de Paris the finest potato in the world. Luciano del Signore, the chef and owner of Bacco’s, tried the potato several different ways, which all turned out to be delicious. He submitted a gnocchi recipe made with the La Ratte de Paris potato.

La Ratte de Paris Gnocchi Recipe


4 lbs La Ratte de Paris Potatoes
1 ½ cups flour
6 egg yolks
1 ½ tsp sea salt

  1. Boil potatoes skin on until cooked but not over-cooked. About 9 – 12 minutes.
  2. Remove from water and peal while hot. I wear plastic gloves so not to burn my hands.
  3. Rice potatoes through a food mill.
  4. Add flour, egg yolks and sea salt, folding dough until mixed well, do not over-work the dough as it will toughen.
  5. Cut into 12 or so pieces. Using lots of flour, roll into 1” logs. Cut and fold with finger to form each gnocchi.
  6. Boil the gnocchi in salted water.
  7. Sauté with olive oil and a cup or so of the cooking water.
  8. Add salt and pepper, grated parmigiano cheese and top with shaved truffles. You can use black or white fresh truffles, depening on your budget.


I’m using a delicate method for gnocchi in order to protect the nutty, buttery flavor of the La Ratte de Paris potatoes.

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Bacco Painting © 2013 Catherine Huston

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