Conventionally Better

Grown in Washington

Nestled along the Pacific Coast in the most northern area of the state of Washington exists an area known for its climate and fertile soil. It is considered the best place to grow several crops including potatoes. With a latitude and soil composition similar to where the potato is grown in France, this area of Washington is the ideal location.

Having spent time on the farm in France that grows the La Ratte, we use the same techniques and important elements necessary to produce an authentic La Ratte in the USA. Our farm in Washington does not require a lot of pesticides and chemicals to produce a crop like most potato farms. We only grow the La Ratte every fourth year on the same soil. The other years we grow green crops that enhance the soil by adding nutrients and minerals that are natural and sustainable. This is how we can produce a La Ratte that will taste exactly like one grown in France.

The great Parisian chef, Joël Robuchon said after tasting our USA grown potato “C’est si bon! The taste is the same.”